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Have you ever wondered if you may be addicted to anything without being aware? This is why the following list of 5 things that you may be addicted to can help you. Keep on reading to find out these interesting addiction facts.

Your Phone

How many times have you glanced at your phone in the past 5 minutes? You just can’t help yourself. Your phone is usually the first thing that you look at when you wake up, and the last thing that you check before you lay your head down to rest. Sometimes it can get so bad that you even ignore the people around you. If you feel as if your addiction to your smartphone is getting a bit out of control, you should consider speaking to a professional.


Did you know that your coffee addiction can become severe? Your regular cuppa is not so regular, with studies suggesting that it has the same stimulants as other harmful drugs such as cocaine. Shocking, right? Have you ever noticed how anxious you become when you haven’t received your daily morning coffee? This doesn’t mean that you should throw out all your coffee beans today. However, you should consider cutting down the amount of coffee that you drink. Ideally, you shouldn’t be having more than a cup a day. Alternatively, you should be skipping a day to ensure that you keep the caffeine content at a minimum.


Who knew that having a sweet tooth can be one of those things that can get on the list of things that can get you addicted? Well, you’ve noticed how much you want to have your sweet snacks. And when the cravings have you, it’s hard to resist. The thing is foods that have a high concentration of carbs and sugars can affect your brain. This is why doctors don’t recommend sugary foods for your kids. But this doesn’t mean that having your favorite milkshake once in a while will affect you. Moderation is key to ensuring that you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Did you know that shopping at your favorite place can help your brain to produce large quantities of the hormone that’s responsible for your happiness? When you do some much-needed retail therapy, your brain produces chemicals that should make you feel good. Generally, this isn’t a problem. However, when you shop just to feel these reactions then you may be what is known as a shopaholic.

Additionally, if you shop till you drop anytime you enter a shopping mall, it means that you have issues with controlling your impulses. Similarly, you may be prone to anxiety-related disorders. It gets worse when you start hiding your shopping habits from your family. Once you start noticing these changes in your behavior, it’s best to contact a professional to help with treatment options.


Everyone knows at least one person who has a gambling addiction. When you hear the stories of how someone used their valuable assets to secure a gambling debt, it sounds ludicrous. Yet, it happens. In fact, it can happen to you as well. It starts small, you head over to the casino and try your luck on some slot machines. You win a few hundreds of dollars, and next thing you know, you’re going there almost every other day when you have free time. Gambling is addictive and getting professional help as soon as the problem starts for you should help you from making terrible financial mistakes.

In summary, being aware of what you may be addicted to should help you make better decisions. The last thing that you want is to struggle with a lifetime of addiction. If you want to know more about the effects of addiction, you should visit

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